This week’s big security story is the so-called Petya ransomware attack. It is not the first such attack, it won’t be the last, and its success will prompt cyber criminals to attack again, and again, and again. In this new threat environment, there are zero excuses for any enterprise, public or private, to be running Windows XP, or any other insecure platform.

Even the cops run Windows XP

Chronic underfunding and a conservative government ideologically committed to cuts mean key U.K. public services remain under threat of cyber attack. In recent weeks, the National Health Service saw its computing systems fail because they relied too much on unprotected Windows systems. This morning we learned that the U.K.’s Metropolitan Police force still uses over 18,000 computers running Windows XP. The key police force of the U.K.’s biggest city is, therefore, currently vulnerable to cyber attack.

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